Any business’ transport component, connected to imports and exports of goods, not only is an essential, but also a decisive attribute, when it comes to awarding contracts and determining expediency of the foreign trade operation. That’s why we are willing to offer you to disburden a part of your problems upon us. Container shipping is a modern, least-cost option for transporting the cargo, used in both inner and international traffics.

The logistics experts of the company « B.O.V.A. LOGISTIC » will elaborate the best cargo delivery pattern possible for your company; we transport from anywhere in the world, using door-to-door service. The usage of modern logistics technologies allows us to shorten delivery time, choose the best route and mode of transport, and hence greatly reduce client’s expenses.

Long-lasting cooperation with companies, which perform sea and land cargo transportation, and with customs clearance companies, gives us an opportunity to guarantee our clients high-quality service, and offer a flexible discount system.

Our self-developed specialist software makes it possible to generate a rapid processing of a transportation order, including financial quote; it improves the efficiency of customer service, and automates the processing of the incoming mail.
The company « B.O.V.A. LOGISTIC » offers you the following services:

  • Cargo transportation from/ to any port of the world by sea shipping;
  • Shipping monitoring, reporting of data about cargo’s whereabouts to the client at any given time;
  • Cargo transportation by road and by rail;
  • Transshipment and stuffing of bulked and liquid cargo;
  • Liquid cargo transportation using either inflexion tanks, or standard ISO containers;
  • Transportation of dangerous freight;
  • Stockpiling and storing cargo services;
  • Any service if requested by the customer.