tankcont Company «B.O.V.A. LOGISTIC» would like to introduce you to a new service – tank-container (cistern) shipment of food products: alcohol-containing liquids (beer, wine, cognac, vodka), edible oils, food additives, concentrated fruit juices, mineral waters, milk, etc., as well as industrial products and dangerous cargo: oil/petrol and oil-products, oils and lubricants, liquefied gases, chemical substances, paints, saline solutions, fatty acids, pelletized and granular materials, etc.  

Tank-containers are meant for transportation of liquids, liquefied gases and a variety of granular materials. Tank-container represents a container, made of a frame and a cistern, furnished with letdown fittings and applications for the unloading, either under action of gravity, or under pressure.


Tank-containers are especially useful during transportations in a multimodal mode, using several means of transport (motor vehicle, water carriage, and railway). As the main transfer module is a 20-feet container (20’x8’x8’6″), cargo in a tank­-container can be transported without its reloading while changing the transport, as compared to shipment in railway and road tanks. This quality of tank-containers guarantees the safety and security of cargo’s shipment. Tank-containers are also convenient for liquids’ storage on equipped area (container terminals), as well as on unequipped one, as they do not require prepared site. The usage of tank-containers greatly reduces shipping costs, in comparison with liquids’ transportation in barrels of identical capacity; tank-containers store 60% more of transported products, occupying the same space and having the identical transport cost. Tank-containers can be used multiple times, their design allows cost effectiveness and ease of use.