The company « B.O.V.A. LOGISTIC », if needed, can transport liquid products (in particular fluid foods, e.g. vine, juice, oil, and pharmaceutical products), non-classified as dangerous, in flexi-tank containers (tanks).

flexi-tank is a single use, high-technology (from the standpoint of design and materials) plastic soft container, sized from 16000 to 24000 liters; it has a valve equipment for pumping the product in and out; it is transported in standard sea containers, which allows combining great cargo capacity in containers, as compared to barrels, and it makes it possible to take advantage of low rates of freight of standard containers.

We always have flexi-tanks available in Ukraine, and offer a full range of inflexion tanks transportation services, as well as technical and advisory support connected with inflexion tanks.

We are willing to provide you with comprehensive detailed information concerned technical peculiarities of shipments and settlement of cargo transportation in flexi-tanks.