Chartering of vessels is one of the most cost effective and convenient ways to carry cargo, but also one of the most complex ones. We offer you the most competitive service package, which can help solve logistic problems of any complexity. Chartering of vessels shall mean a full or partial vessel lease for carrying cargo. The vessel can be taken on lease for all kinds of works.

The water transport has a lot of advantages, e.g. tonnage unlimitedness,  intercontinental transit freedom, and upon this – a considerably reasonable price. But the freight forwarder services are an essential part, since an entire specialist team is required in order to organize a sea freight.

The company «B.O.V.A. LOGISTIC» provides services of carrying project, bulk and liquid cargos by sea or river.

We bear long-term strategic relationships with both the leading shipowner companies (Maersk, CSAV NORASIA, OOCL, China Shipping, Wanhai, NYK, CMA CGM, MSC, Cosco, Hapag Lloyd, ZiM, K-Line and others), and major industrial groups. We offer you the best conditions on the forwarding and sealift market, thanks to our close connections and partnership relations with the agents from various ports. We receive cargo at the ports, which are recognized by the international operators.

Our chartering brokers always know up-to-date information concerning status of vessels, which offer freight services. And at any time you like they can choose a vessel, which would meet the needs of the parties to the contract (both the client, and the ship owner) to ensure the best possible way to carry the cargo.

You can affreight a vessel on the terms of time-charter, which can be divisible into a regular or a two-way voyage (according to the assigned task and the contract), in our company. Lease time for a two-way voyage is defined by the actual duration of the said voyage. We offer services under a long or a spot contract.

You can order a chartering:

  • to perform a clearly stated, one-time operation (voyage);
  • for a specified period of time, when it is possible to use a few vessels at a time or to perform the required amount of voyages. In this case the priority is the task, assigned by the client, and its accomplishment within the timescale agreed.
  • We can also offer you an international charter party of combined navigation. Having chosen this method of shipping by water, the need of cargo transshipment no longer exists, which significantly reduces the delivery, and the shipping charges prime cost.

Our logistics department works out an efficient cargo delivery plan, taking into consideration lot size, the nature of cargo, and its route, on an individual basis. Our «chartering of vessels» service from company «B.O.V.A. LOGISTIC» includes:

  • the best tonnage selection possible: hiring of the entire vessel, or some space on the ship, which would meet the requirements of cargo’s shipping with consideration for its characteristics;
  • logistical issue resolutions with the ship-owner and services of the ports on the cargo’s route;
  • customs convoy for manifests, consignments and other shipment and freight documents;
  • stevedoring, cargo’s separation, securing and unsecuring of cargo, loading/unloading control, transloading at ports onto another mode of transport;
  • tally services: surveying inspection of the vessel/ cargo with loaded/unloaded goods;
  • storage of cargo in port terminals and at depot with open- storage or close-storage space, throughout the route;
  • cargo’s monitoring throughout the route: vessel’s motion tracking; notifying the client about cargo’s whereabouts and condition at the moment;
  • additional shipping services: freight insurance, convoying, forwarding services, etc. «B.O.V.A. LOGISTIC» will guard your interests in drawing the water (sea/ river) shipment contracts (charters).

We also can take upon ourselves the delivery of cargo with strict requirements (atypical cargos) or goods delivery to/from the places with poorly run port infrastructure. In such cases, we freight specialized vessels with additional features, which allow us to deliver cargo without tying in to outer service departments. The company «B.O.V.A.LOGISTIC» can freight any vessels for you:

  • marine/ river-crafts;
  • specialized/ multipurpose vessels;
  • roll-on/roll-off ships (RORO);
  • crane lump vessels, and all the equipment needed for carrying heavy-weight and oversized cargo;
  • platforms designed and built to transport dry cargo (dry-cargo freighter, bulkers, wood-cargo vessels, etc.);
  • platforms for carrying liquid cargo (chemical carriers, tankers, LPG/LNG, etc.);
  • hopper barges, tugboats, pontoons

Also we can provide you with special equipment for carrying cargo of broad ranging:

  1. bulk cargo (mineral fertilizers, grain, metals, coal, wood, etc.): the problem resides in their flowability and transporting without a  container;
  2. liquid cargo (vegetable oil, acids, oil products, etc.): during its transportation extra caution is necessary;
  3. general cargo, in particular: container shipping (containers, oversized cargo, various equipment, etc.): its transporting is impossible without the use of special equipment;
  4. unit load (palletized cargo, pallet cargo, baled pulp, big-bagged cement, etc.) requires a tally service;
  5. project cargo (mass-dimensional equipment, parts of constructions, industrial installations, etc.) cannot be transported by railway or  on truck.

«B.O.V.A. LOGISTIC», navigating up-to-date shipping, offers its clients the most competitive service package, which can find ultimate solutions to various logistic problems.

Freight market is a complex organization, which constantly goes through changes in freight rates concerning international cargo carrying. The freight costs depend on such influences as:

  • cargo’s quantity, dimensions, and weight;
  • load attributes;
  • voyage’s distance and the complexity of transportation;
  • pricing of transportation required, and optional equipment;
  • freight surcharges.

Proportion between supply and demand for tonnage depends on a variety of causes: recession or increase of transportation load, fuel cost at the moment, and even on the time of the year! The chartering brokers of «B.O.V.A. LOGISTIC» constantly analyze the changes of the freight rates in the world market, and monitor certain sectors of freight market rates, up to following the pricing of certain types of cargo. On basis of freight indices made, we are always ready to offer you the most competitive freight rates on tramp or liner tonnage.

Send an application in «B.O.V.A. LOGISTIC», and we engage you with:

  • simplified freight organization and charter creation system;
  • expert cargo carriage of any complexity;
  • forwarding and safety of cargo;
  • minimization of trans-shipping procedure.

Order your freight here, and see for yourself, that it is cost-efficient and reliable!