The company «B.O.V.A. TRADING LTD” is a trading company located in Bulgaria, bringing together suppliers and buyers around the world. We offer unique products for your business in Europe and worldwide. Our principles of practicality, objectivity and partnership allow us to offer the best deals to our partners in accordance with the requirements of local laws, regulations and culture. With a solid portfolio of partners, we connect our South American, Chinese and European suppliers and customers around the world. Our work is distinguished by openness and compliance with all requirements for concluding profitable deals.
We operate in the following sectors:
– food products produced in Bulgaria, Ukraine and countries of South America, India;
– oil products, thermal coal, liquefied gas;
– mineral fertilizers;
– electric cars from China, USA and Korea.
Among the food products that we offer, you can find: cereals, legumes, sugar, flour, sunflower oil, frozen chicken, spices, tea, coffee, etc.
Are you looking for a partner to help you sell your products on the international market or import them from a certain country? Contact us!

The company «B.O.V.A. TRADING LTD» offers logistics services for all kinds of cargo in sea carriers.

We transport your cargo from anywhere in the world.  Our service is based on the knowledge of international shipping market and peculiarities of world’s ports, on the usage of various kinds of maritime, land and air transport, and on the selection of the best shipping method possible, which, in the end, gives you an opportunity to minimize your transport expenses.

Our company’s distinction is the multimodal transport arrangement of dangerous dry, liquid, food, and chemical cargo in specialized tank containers.